The aim of the association
Danish Passenger Transport (DPT) is the industry association for bus- and taxi owners in Denmark.

The association was formed by a fusion between Danish Taxi Association and Danish Bus and Coach Owners’ Association as of the 1st of January 2019. The association has about 350 members.

In regards to the statues of the association the aim of the association is to handle its members economic, professional and social interests as well as rights. The association handles its members interests and rights by collaborating and negotiating with authorities and other industry associations in Denmark as well as abroad. Our goal is to create the best possible business conditions for our members.

Besides handling our members interests and rights we offer our members relevant business news, counseling, guidance and various other benefits.

Our structure
Our structure takes both the area of business and geographical location of our members into account.

Our geographical structure is threefold where Unit 1 accounts for Mid- and North Jutland, Unit 2 accounts for South Jutland and Fyn and Unit 3 accounts for Zealand and the nearby isles.

All members additionally belongs to a section determined by its business area. These sections are as follows: Regular Services, Tourist Services, Public Transport and Taxi Services.

Furthermore, our association has a number of associated members. These associated members consists of actors with inherent interests in our members profession. Associated members are typically suppliers or collaborators to our field of profession and enjoy the same benefits as our active members besides not being able to vote or run for representation.